Part2d: Skin

Healthy SkinSkin – Healthy Inside and Out

While many of us would love to have skin that is soft, smooth, and beautiful, our skin has more value than mere aesthetics.  Not only is it a vital organ of elimination, it is the largest organ of elimination. Unhealthy skin suggests an unhealthy state of affairs internally.

The skin is often called the “third kidney” because it works so closely with the kidneys.  Analysis of the waste residue from the skin shows that it is almost identical to urine.  The skin eliminates uric acid, as well as other waste by-products of the body as discussed earlier.  If the skin becomes inactive and its pores clogged with millions of dead cells, then impurities will remain and build up in the body. This condition can lead to body odor, skin rashes and infections, and poor quality skin and health… or worse.

HBPAll discharges from the body are unclean and need to be eliminated.

Common Skin Stressors:

Skin diagram

  • Contaminants in our water (during showers and baths)
  • Presence of synthetic chemicals and other toxins in our cosmetic lotions and bath products
  • Lack of exercise and lack of sweating
  • Too much or too little sunshine
  • Lack of free flowing air / wearing synthetic clothing
  • Antiperspirants (especially those containing aluminum) – they block pores from the armpits and trap toxins in the breasts
  • Exposure to the “elements”

Skin Renewal and Regeneration:

  • Dry Skin Brushing
  • Exercise
  • Ginger Baths
  • Proper Sunshine
  • Natural Fiber Clothing
  • Non-toxic deodorants
  • Proper Nutrition, especially Essential Fatty Acids, Zinc, Silica, and Antioxidants (A, C, E, etc.)
  • Protection from the “elements”

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