Part 5: Nervous System

The Nervous System – The Master Communicator

Nervous SystemThe brain is considered the control center of the body, while the nervous system is the conduit, delivering messages from the brain to different parts of the body.  The nervous system is the communication network for the body.  The “relay station” is the spinal cord, running from the base of the brain to the lower part of the back, consisting of a column of nervous tissue.

How well these systems are working within your body can dramatically influence your health, including your energy levels, ability to focus, moods, and even your attitude. When these systems are functioning optimally, every part of the body benefits immediately. The ability to focus will be increased, mood will improve, and even food will be digested faster.  Health, energy, and vitality will soar!

Stress” can be at the root of many of our health challenges.  Thus far, we have learned that stress

  • Constricts BStress Responselood & Lymphatic Flow
  • Creates Inflammation
  • Destroys Good Bacteria
  • Shuts Down Digestion
  • Burns up Minerals

It becomes important/vital to build and nourish the Nervous System.

When the body undergoes continuous stress, inflammation builds up.  The body will attempt to protect itself from the inflammation in a variety of ways.  One way is to neutralize the inflammation with minerals.  Calcium and magnesium may be leached out of the bones and muscles in an attempt to balance blood pH.  This could lead to joint, muscle, and structural issues which will be covered in this presentation.

In addition, long term stress will cause an over production of stress hormones which will cause a break down of the endocrine system.

Manage Stress

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