Part 4a: Nutrition, Food Addictions, and Constant Hunger

Food Addictions & Constant Hunger

Counterfeit Foods – look like food, taste like food, however, are NOT food.junk food 1

Counterfeit foods give you a momentary feeling of satisfaction, but leave you hungry for the real thing.  If we keep eating the counterfeit, we’ll wind up with an addiction.

A favorite and common addiction is chocolate.  A much desired “premenstrual” craving for women, chocolate is high in magnesium.  Unfortunately, it is eaten in the form of candy and other sweets.  Sugar will cause an excretion of magnesium through urine.  I’ve witnessed many a chocolate craving vanish with a sufficient intake of magnesium (and/or eliminating the intake of alcohol and sugar).

Many of the manmade foods today are disrupting our “hunger” hormones.  Not only are our cells starving, but our hunger and satisfaction hormones are not working properly.  The result… we’re constantly hungry.

Addictions can result from things other than food and nutrient deficiencies.  We can also crave “food” when we are:

  • Tired and need sleep.
  • Thirsty and need water.
  • Stressed and need rest and relaxation.
  • Bored and need something interesting in our lives.
  • Emotional and need comfort.

If you find yourself constantly hungry, or experiencing the munchies – suspect a counterfeit.  Counterfeit sleep, counterfeit water, counterfeit rest, counterfeit excitement, counterfeit food, and the list goes on.

Nutrition & SustenanceGet Well Soup

To be healthy, you must eat a healthy diet – true nourishment – to supply the optimal nutrients needed by every cell of your body.  There are as many opinions as to what a healthy diet is as there are websites and health professionals.  To complicate matters, we are all different and we have different needs.  We have different body types, live in different climates, come from different genetic backgrounds, have different lifestyles, etc.

When it comes to nutrition, one size does NOT fit all!  Nevertheless, there are some commonsense principles we can all benefit from.

HBP 5 Eat you food

Give Stop

Food For Thought:  Processed foods are created for maximum profit (long shelf life), they are created not to spoil.  Food that will not spoil, will not digest!  Looks like food, tastes like food, but is it food?

Nourishment for Health, Energy, and Fitness

  • Eat “organic” as much Clean 15as possible. Organic fruits and vegetables are much higher in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. than non-organic growing methods.
  • Eat more raw food. Raw foods contain live enzymes and are much higher in most nutrients.
  • Food2Buy local. Not only will your food be fresher (it could otherwise travel thousands of miles to get to you), but chances are your food will have been grown by farmers who care about their land and use healthier farming methods. You will also be eating food grown in season.
  • Grass fed, wild caught, free ranged– eggs, dairy, fish, chicken, and meat should be grown as close to their natural habitats and eating habits as possible… without hormones, antibiotics, un-natural diets, chemicals, etc. Toxins concentrate and build up in milk, fat, and meat.
  • Eliminate (or greatly reduce) consumption of processed foods. Most processed foods contain many of the following: sugar, salt, artificial flavors and colors, factory-created fats, chemicals that alter texture, GMO foods, and preservatives.  Vital nutrients are stripped away and replaced by chemicals.

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