Part 4: Digestive System


Our Definition of Nourishment:  The optimal provision necessary for every cell of our body; the nutritional food substances necessary for health, energy, and fitness.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find nutritious food, capable of sustaining not only life, but health in today’s world.  However, before we get into food itself, consider the following:Digestion2

What happens to food that is eaten but not digested???  

  1. A. It passes harmlessly out of the body.
  2. It WILL digest, no matter what.
  3. It ROTS and ferments, and becomes a toxin.

ANSWER:  Unfortunately, it does not pass harmlessly out of the body.  It does not digest.  In fact, it rots and ferments.  Instead of food and nourishment, it becomes a toxin or poison the body must now deal with.

Digestion begins in the mouth.  Chewing is vital Digestion3for proper digestion.  Not only
are  essential enzymes secreted in saliva, but chewing breaks food down into manageable bits.

Once swallowed, food enters the stomach and a muscle at the end of the esophagus closes the passage.  Food, liquid, and digestive enzymes from saliva and the stomach are mixed together to break food down into a partially digested fluid (called chyme).  This fluid enters the small intestines where the pancreas and liver/gallbladder secretes their own specialized digestive enzymes to complete the digestive process.  Finally, the digested nutrients are absorbed through the walls of the small intestines and transported throughout the body (assimilation).

Anything which interferes with any part of the process will create a condition of undigested food.  Undigested food cannot be assimilated and instead will rot and ferment and become a toxin.

A Hungry People – A Hungry NationFood

How is it that you can eat a meal, have a full stomach, and still want to eat?  Some of us feel “driven” to eat.  We call it the “munchies”; we call ourselves gluttons; “I just love food” are claimed by others.  Could there be something physical happening?

Consider the following…

You have over 10 Trillion cells in your body.  Every one of your cells need to be nourished.  If not, your cells will send a message to the brain that says “feed me, I’m hungry!!!”junk food

  • What if you didn’t breakdown (digest) and absorb (assimilate) the nutrients into the cells?
  • What if what you ate looked like food, tasted like food, however…was not food?

We are eating many “non-food” foods today.  GMO’s, artificial flavors and other chemicals, preservatives, processed (over processed) ingredients, ingredients made in the lab instead of from the land… the list goes on.  One thing is certain; these foods will not nourish the body.

Both of these situations can lead to excessive hunger, overeating, and food addictions.  Cells which do not receive the nutrients needed will communicate the need via “hunger” signals.  To make matters worse, our digestive systems have been compromised by inflammation and toxicity to the point we may develop a condition known as  “leaky gut”.  Instead of nutrients being absorbed through the proper channels, toxins are reaching the blood and creating tremendous digestive and auto-immune conditions.  All of this can lead to:

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