Introduction to Health Building Principles


We live in a world of the “quick fix”; we want a “magic pill” to take care of our ailments and discomforts.  Unfortunately, most of these approaches will take care of our symptoms and not the cause of our symptoms.  This includes: herbs, vitamins, special foods or diets, medicine, special treatments and therapies, etc.

None of these approaches will “heal” the body; God created the body with the ability to heal itself.

This brings us to our first health building principle:

HBPIf you give your body what it needs and stop breaking it down, your body will heal.

1)      What does the body (or system) need to be the best it can be?

2)      What are the common (or not so common) elements that break the body (or particular system) down?

HBPWe can’t always go by how we “feel”.

How many times have you heard…? “Joe was never sick a day in his life and he died suddenly of a heart attack” or “Mary was the picture of health. She thought she had the stomach flu and two weeks later she died. She had liver cancer.”   How you “feel” is not always a good indicator of health.

Important Health Building Principles

We will cover the following health principles in more depth as we proceed through the Health Building 101 series:

HBPDevelop a healthy lifestyle.  It’s the sum of our habits that will determine our health and energy – especially as we grow older. 

HBPAddress the cause or roots of your symptoms, the symptoms will take care of themselves.

HBPTake care of the major stresses and the minor ones will take care of themselves.

HBPHealing is a process, the healing process takes time.

HBP3Nutritional Supplements may be necessary in today’s world, however, supplements should “supplement” (or complement) your diet and lifestyle – not define it.

HBPWe are all different; one size does not fit all.

Diseases and fatal health conditions can develop Common sensefor years without our knowledge and awareness.  Rather than live in fear or ignorance…

LEARN about the body!  In Health Building 101, we will  look at each of the systems of the body; how to build health, as well as, the common elements that can go wrong.

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