Part 1a – Circulatory System- The Blood


Build Healthy Blood Naturally

The human body contains trillions of cells – each and every cell with a function and a purpose.  Each cell needs to be nourished in order to do the job it was created to do.

  • It is the blood that nourishes our trillions of cells.
  • How healthy (or toxic) is your blood?
  • What are you feeding your cells

Build Your Blood and Increase Blood Flow

A highly effective therapy for building healthy blood is Green Drink, a chlorophyll tonic.  Chlorophyll and blood are almost identical in structure. Chlorophyll is actually “plant blood”. The major difference between human blood and plant blood is it’s nucleus.  The nucleus of plant blood is magnesium (giving it a green color) while the nucleus of human blood is iron (giving it a red color).  That’s it! This gives chlorophyll the unique properties needed to build healthy blood.  It contains the structure of blood.

The highest known source of calcium is NOT cow’s milk… it is dark leafy greens!  Green drink is an excellent source of calcium and many of the minerals necessary to build a healthy body.

Chlorophyll/Green Drink is an oxygenator.  Green plants convert Green Drinkcarbon dioxide into oxygen for us to breathe.  Increasing oxygen-carrying red blood cells will bring more oxygen into the body and chlorophyll is an excellent source of food for this purpose.  Yeast, parasites, fungus (Candida), even cancer cells, cannot survive in chlorophyll or a healthy blood stream filled with oxygen.


Adequate oxygen is vital for health and survival.   Deep Breathing is another effective oxygenator for your blood.  Deep breathing provides a two-fold benefit- not only does it oxygenate your blood, it will relax your body and increase blood flow.

Regular vigorous Exercise, great for your heart, will improve blood flow and increase oxygen carrying red blood cells.  In fact, Medical experts say inactivity poses as great a health risk as smoking!  


Relax Your Circulatory System

Tension constricts the flow of blood.  To demonstrate try the following:

  • Make a tight fist.
  • Hold the tension in your fist.
  • Observe the slowdown of circulation to your hand.
  • Soon inflammation will set in.
  • As the tension inhibits blood flow, this same tension chokes out the oxygen.
  • In a blood stream devoid of oxygen, infection will set in. Detrimental bacteria and germ life (like cancer) thrive in an environment devoid of oxygen.

Unfortunately, this is what happens to the limbs of many diabetics.  Circulation is lost, infection sets in, and without the ability to restore blood circulation – gangrene sets in.  The limbs are then amputated.  It is a circulation problem.

Now relax your fist.  Did you notice what happened when you relaxed
your hand?

By “letting go” circulation was restored.  No special therapies or supplements were needed.  This is an example of the Health Principle:

“give your body what it needs and stop breaking it down, your body will heal”

Tension and stress can have very detrimental effects on your circulation.  Imagine what happens to the circulatory system of the body when your whole body is tense- or how about the neck and shoulders?  Many of us hold the weight of the world on our shoulders.  Under these conditions, what happens to the circulation to the head area and the brain?

One more demonstration…

  • Hold up two fingers. These two fingers will represent your thyroid (which resides in in the lower part of your neck.)
  • Squeeze your two fingers.

Many of us are squeezing the life out of our thyroid!

Could the tension we are carrying in our neck be affecting the blood flow to our thyroid???

How do we relax long enough to benefit our circulatory system?

A great relaxation therapy is to take a Ginger Bath.  Ginger Baths will relax tight muscles while increasing the circulatory flow.

Cleanse and Detoxify the Blood

Not only does your blood contain oxygen and nutrients, but toxins as well.  Consider the following…Chlorophyl

  • Food that is eaten and not digested… ROTS! Even good food can become a toxin that will reach your blood stream if not digested properly.
  • As each cell (trillions of cells) takes in nutrients and carries out the function it was created to do, these cells will create a waste byproduct. This waste byproduct will be transported to the blood to be eliminated out of the body through the body’s eliminative channels. If overloaded with toxins, or unable to be eliminated, these toxins will be “fed” back to your cells.
  • Attached to the intestinal wall are blood and lymphatic vessels. When there is a compromise of colon health (such as constipation & putrefaction) toxins are absorbed through these small blood capillaries. A condition of “auto intoxication” is the result as these toxins find their way into the blood and consequently, into your cells.

An important aspect of healthy blood is to keep the blood stream clean of this offensive waste and toxicity by having regular elimination of the bowel and other organs of elimination.


You can build a brand new blood stream in ninety (90) days. 

Imagine what would happen if your blood was constructed out of Green Drink and organic foods, rather than coffee, tea, soda, and bowel waste!

Healthy Heart Function 

The heart is a muscle which pumps blood throughout the body.  Without a healthy heart, you will not have the blood flow necessary for optimal health.  It takes less than sixty seconds to pump blood to every cell of the body!  Your heart never rests or takes a break.

As a muscle, your heart Magnesiumneeds minerals to remain healthy.  Anyone who has ever
experience a muscle cramp or Charlie horse has experienced a lack of proper nutrition to the muscles.  What would happen if your heart were to have a “cramp”?

Omega 3While stress is a normal part of life, left unmanaged, it can wreak havoc in the body and is an important risk factor for heart disease.  Prolonged exposure to stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol will increase inflammation, blood pressure, and cholesterol, eventually leading to possible blood clots and heart attacks.  A “broken heart” that won’t heal can lead to a medical heart crisis!

We can’t address healthy heart function without addressing our diet.  High amounts of poor quality fats, sugar, salt, and processed foods are responsible for much of the heart disease we see today.  A sick heart results in an inadequate pump.

Next: The Lymphatic System

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