Dry Skin Brushing

4Healthy SkinWe all want skin that is soft, smooth, and beautiful.

A vital role of the skin is to maintain even body temperature.  Nerves in our skin can dilate or contract its blood vessels to control about two million sweat glands. This system of the body works so precisely, that a person in good health maintains a steady body temperature of 98.6 degrees, regardless of outside temperature.

The skin is also an organ of elimination. If the skin becomes inactive and its pores clogged with millions of dead cells, then impurities will remain and build up in theskin3 body. This condition can lead to bad body odor, skin rashes and infections, and poor quality skin. Dry skin-brushing is highly recommended to stimulate lymph and blood circulation for the removal of impurities under the skin surface.

Dry skin-brushing will change the health of your whole body in ways that soap and water cannot achieve. It will promote circulation, skin softness and quality, reduce skin infections and irritations, and even assist the prevention of colds.

Make Dry Skin Brushing a Regular Habit!

dry skin brushTo brush the skin, start at the soles of the feet and brush in an upward motion toward the heart.

Work your way up your legs (front, back, and sides), applying as much pressure as is comfortable.

Continue to work up the body, brushing the stomach, back, and chest.

Then brush your hands and arms.

Focus the brush strokes toward your heart.

Don’t brush your face, but do give the back of your neck and your scalp a good brushing.

For hygiene reasons you need a separate brush for each member of the family, and of course, you need to wash the brush itself every couple of weeks.