Flu Vaccine… Friend or Foe?

Flu VaccineOne of the most prevalent questions I get is whether or not to get the flu vaccine.  Recently my daughter was coerced into getting the flu vaccine – something she adamantly opposes.  How did it happen?  Bribery combined with peer pressure…

If everyone in her department got the flu vaccine, they would enjoy a “pizza party”.  Seriously?  Being new to her department, her new supervisor singled her out as the only “hold out”.  Not wanting to create waves, she acquiesced.

I’m amazed and very skeptical of the push for everyone to get vaccinated against the flu, especially since, according to the CDC the effectiveness of the vaccine is dependent on

the similarity or “match” between the flu viruses the flu vaccine is designed to protect against and the flu viruses spreading in the community… read article here

According to this WebMD article, the flu vaccine last year was only 18% effective – in their words… crummy.  To make matters worse, the..

nasal spray, aimed mainly at children, didn’t work at all for kids ages 2 through 8

You gotta wonder why they bribe us, offer incentives, and use such strong coercive tactics to get us all to “get vaccinated”.  If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d be wondering…

Here is an interesting article put out by Dr. Brownstein.

Dr. Bhttp://blog.drbrownstein.com/the-truth-about-the-flu-vaccine/

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